About Us


Edgewater exists as an overflow of God’s love into the world. Imagine a powerful waterfall pouring into a huge bucket. The bucket cannot contain the abundance of the water, so the water overflows to its surroundings. Everything the water touches turns what you see into new and vibrant life.

At the core, we Love God, Love People and Serve our Community.

Edgewater Church reflects the diversity of our community – welcoming all people in the name of Jesus! We are a church where people can find hope, healing and restoration. We are a people genuinely interested in and connected to our world. We are a united group working hard to build loving relationships and respect in our communities. We have a strong sense of being a family that is in it together – while seeking to reflect the love, grace and mercy of the God we serve.

We invite you to check us out – no strings attached. We’ll have the coffee ready for you!